Paket Sound System Line Array Nexo Geo M6

Paket Sound System Line Array Nexo Geo M6

After acquisition of France based pro audio products manufacturer Nexo,Japan profesional audio factory Yamaha is making debut of the new NEXO GEO M6 Series from compact loudspeakers family at InfoComm 2014 next week ,located at the Las Vegas Convention Center, booth number CC10716.

Nexo GEO M6 Loudspeaker Series is consist of the new GEO M620 full range arrayable speaker cabinet and the GEO M6B bass extension. Aiming target markets include theatre room, corporate conference facilities and multifunction auditoriums, exhibition halls, wedding rooms, international or domestic airports, shopping malls,indoor or outdoor theme parks and houses of worship.

The Nexo GEO M620 is a full range speaker unit for used with stand alone, curved array system or fully line array applications. Compact in terms of size and light in weight (less than 10 kilos), Nexo GEO M620 utilize a NEXO custom designed long excursion high efficiency 6.5 inch Low Frequency driver and 1x 1 inch throat driver installed on a BEA/FEA optimized HR Wavesource.

The enclosure itself is spesifically designed to deliver a frequency response from 80 Hz – 19 kHz ±3dB, with nominal peak SPL level of 127 dB. HF dispersion is 80 up to 120 degrees in horizontal position, with 20-degree in vertical coverage and 0 to 20 degree splay when configured as array. By using NEXO HRW patented waveguide unit for optimal HF coupling between array elements, the M620 can be sets to performs in a variety of configurations, Supported by a fully integrated Nexo innovative 3 point rigging system.

Nexo GEO M6B is a mid low frequency extension modul for applications that needs more bass  frequency extension, like a live music performance. Plant with one 6.5-inch 8 ohm long excursion LF custom driver, shares the same physical dimension like his brother the M620, allowing the system to be arrayed together in the same column and providing aesthetical view. A flare-shaped wind port tube significantly increases the low frequency response and linearity even at high power, the M6B offers a usable frequency range at -6 dB of 70 Hz – 1 kHz.

The cabinet is built utilizing a lightweight polyurethane composite material, Nexo GEO M6 cabinets are available to order in any user prefered color designation. Amplification section is using NEXO NXAMP4x1 TD controller. The power amp can drive three cabinets per channel, this means a 12 boxes per side configuration system can be powered by using just one amplifier, and fully controlled over a Dante protocol or Ethersound network.

GEO M620 loudspeakers can be configured as standalone unit, in pairs, in group of three per side in curved arrays mode, in full line arrays up to 12 cabinets stacked together, depending on the application ,system can be sets using a range of simple accessories that fascilitates flying mode, wall mounted, pole mounted or ground stacked, combine with any of NEXO range of subbass cabinets to create a high fidelity portable sound system solution.

GEO M6B bass extensions can be inserted inside of M620 line array sistem, allowing the user to increase the length of line array system to improve its directivity control and output specifically in the mid low frequencies.

“The Nexo GEO M6 Series will play its role for sound rental company and extremely scalable for various application,” says Marc Lopez, marketing manager of Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems. “Design philosophy of the products is to offers maximum performance for sound reinforcement installations all different applications.”

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