Paket Sound System HK Audio Polar

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Sistem tata suara portable untuk aplikasi musik dan pidato indoor dan outdoor skala kecil sampai medium , berukuran ringkas, mudah dibawa dan dipersiapkan.

Termasuk :

  • 2 unit : speaker line array column pasif HK Audio
  • 2 unit : subwoofer aktif HK Audio
  • 1 unit : mixer audio digital 16 channel Soundcraft
  • 1 set : mic wireless dual handheld Sennheiser
  • 1 lot : kabel dan aksesoris instalasi

Minta penawaran

Spesifikasi Speaker HK Audio Polar

Fully equipped active full-range column system with user-friendly operation
2,000-watt Class D power amplifier: high power reserves, perfect dynamic response
1″ driver with CD horn: high-definition audio up to 20 kHz and a wide dispersion of 120°
Six 3″ high-performance neodymium speakers: optimized for powerful midrange response
12″ long-excursion woofer with extra-large cabinet volume: POLAR makes the most of actual physics rather than relying on power-sucking electronic bass boost
Subwoofer enclosure: low-resonance wooden construction with a classy look and cleverly designed carrying handles
Integrated 24-bit DSP for a homogeneous and low-distortion sound experience across all frequency ranges: professional sound and fatigue-free listening
Five individual user presets: the right sound setting for every situation
Integrated 4-channel mixing console with multiple connection options
Bluetooth 5.0 audio streaming
Includes carrying bag for the column elements and padded protective cover for the subwoofer

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