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Sistem Tata Suara Professional Yamaha CIS

February 03, 2016 No comment

Yamaha Audio Jepang mengumumkan penambahan produk terbaru kedalam baris produk Sistem Tata Suara Professional Yamaha CIS atau singkatan dari Commercial Installation Solution yg telah dirancang spesifik untuk kebutuhan instalasi sound system professional dalam ruang kecil sampai menengah. Dengan berfokus pada aplikasi music latar dan panggilan , speaker Yamaha VXS3F, VXS3FW, VXS3FT dan VXS3FTW bersama dengan …

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Outdoor Speaker Danley Sound Labs OS Series

August 04, 2014 No comment

Professional sound system manufacturer Danley Sound Labs is expanding their “Outdoor Speaker Danley Sound Labs OS Series” of fully weather resist loudspeakers system, including a new subwoofer cabinet enclosure. Although almost all Danley products are optionally custom ordered with level 2 ingress protection, which including features like fiberglass seams, stainless steel hardware material, and protective …

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Speaker Aktif Martin Audio DD12

Professional sound system manufacturer Martin Audio has introduced their new DD12 multifunction  loudspeaker sytem ,utilizing onboard networking, DSP ( Digital Signal Processing ) and class D audio amplification with custom transducers and proprietary Differential Dispersion horn technology to provides proper solution for wide range of applications. Martin Audio unique Differential Dispersion technology is sprcifically designed …

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Audio Mixer Amplifier Atlas Sound AAPHD Series

Professional sound system equipment manufacturer Atlas Sound today has announced the release of the new distributed audio mixer amplifiers AAPHD series, this is the new development based on years experienced to deliver a multifunction mixer amplifier that incorporating ground breaking features and design ,built to save audio integrators time and money. Atlas Sound AAPHD mix …

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Lab Gruppen New D-Series Audio Power Amplifier

Professional audio power amplifier manufacturer Lab.gruppen is honored to announce the D Series, an new innovative permanent installation 4-channel DSP amplifier platform. The D Series presenting the new experience and technologies developed from the flagship amplifier PLM 20000Q from the company, which has become a standar for every consultants and sound contractors around the world. …

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