Paket Audio Meeting Room Deluxe

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Paket Audio Meeting Room Deluxe

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2 Unit : Speaker Pasif Column Array JBL CBT70J
1 Unit : Mixer Soundcraft EPM8
1 Unit : Power Amplifier Crown LPS2500
1 Unit : Reverb Processor Lexicon MX200
1 Unit : Equalizer 31 Band DBX 231s
1 Unit : Power Conditioner Furman PL-Plus
1 Set  : Wireless Mic AKG WMS 45 Handheld
1 Set  : Wireless Mic AKG WMS 45 Headset
1 Unit : Rackcase 16U
2 Unit : Stand Speaker
1 Lot  : Kabel signal & Kabel Speaker

Solusi sistem tata suara berkualitas tinggi untuk keperluan tata suara ruangan kantor / ruang rapat direksi anda, dengan desain yg elegan dan exclusive memberikan anda sebuah pengalaman diskusi yang berkelas,dapat digunakan untuk keperluan audio indoor dan outdoor pada umumnya seperti :

– Meeting Room Direksi
– Ruang Konferensi
– Auditorium Kecil
– Gallery / Butik
– Toko Konsep
– Taman
– Lobby Hotel dll

Speaker Pasif Column Array JBL CBT70J

The CBT 70J-1, with Constant Beamwidth Technology™, represents a breakthrough in pattern control consistency, utilizing complex analog delay beam-forming and amplitude tapering to accomplish superior, consistent vertical coverage without the narrow vertical beaming and out-of-coverage lobing that are typical of straight form-factor column speakers. (shown with included grille removed)

Features :

  • Asymmetrical vertical coverage sends more sound toward far area of room to make front-toback sound levels more consistent.
  • Components: Sixteen 25 mm (1 in) soft dome tweeters and four 125 mm (5 in) high-power LF drivers, arranged coaxially.
  • Patent-pending Constant Beamwidth Technology™ provides constant directivity up to the highest frequencies and reduces out-of-coverage lobing.
  • Vertical pattern coverage switchable between 45° for medium-throw coverage and 25° for long-throw applications.
  • Switchable voicing provides flat response in music mode or mid-range presence peak in speech mode.
  • Dynamic SonicGuard™ overload protection of HF devices
  • Swivel (pan) / tilt wall bracket included.


Components   : Four 130 mm (5 in) LF drivers
Sixteen 25 mm (1 in) HF drivers
Frequency Range (-10 dB)   : 60 Hz – 20 kHz
Coverage   : Vertical (selectable via switch)
Narrow Mode: 25° (2 kHz – 16 kHz) (±10°)
Broad Mode: 45° (750 Hz – 16 kHz) (±10°)
Horizontal 150° (500 Hz – 8 kHz, ±20°)
Sensitivity (2.83V@ 1m)   : Narrow: (speech mode) 98 dB (1 kHz – 8 kHz)
(music mode) 93 dB (300 Hz – 18 kHz)
Broad: (speech mode) 96 dB (1 kHz – 8 kHz)
(music mode) 92 dB (300 Hz – 18 kHz)
Nominal Impedance   : 8 ohms
Power Capacity   : 500 W (2000 W peak), 2 hrs
350 W (1400 W peak), 100 hrs
Max SPL   : Narrow: (speech mode) 125 dB cont ave (131 peak)
(music mode) 120 dB cont ave (126 peak)
Broad: (speech mode) 123 dB cont ave (129 peak)
(music mode) 119 dB cont ave (125 peak)
Transducers   :
Low Frequency Drivers   : 4 pcs, 130 mm (5 in) drivers, dual magnet neodymium, 38 mm (1.5 in) voice coil, damped blended textile surround, coated diaphragm for moisture, UV, and salt resistance, shielded.
High Frequency Drivers   : 16 pcs, 25 mm (1 in) drivers, dual magnet neodymium, encased magnet and coated diaphragm for moisture, UV and salt resistance, shielded.
Enclosure   : Fiberglass reinforced ABS cabinet, painted aluminum grille
Outdoor Capability   : IP-54 rated, per IEC529. UV, moisture and salt-spray resistant.
Colors   : Black or white (-WH)
Insert Points   : 10 M6 swivel (pan)/tilt (16 mm deep) insert points on back panel.
Mounting   : Included swivel (pan)/tilt wall bracket provides continuously variable +/-80 degree left-right swivel aiming (at no up/down tilt — see Bracket Guide for maximum swivel range at various up/down tilt angles), continuously variable +/-15 degree tilt, as well as 5 degree fixed increment points. Ten threaded mounting points located on back panel of cabinet conform to industry standard rectangular 127 x 70 mm (5.0 x 2.75 in) pattern for OmniMount® 60.0 and other compatible third-party brackets. Threaded mounting points can be utilized for suspension.
Dimensions (H x W x D)   : 694 x 170 x 237 mm
(27.4 x 6.7 x 9.3 in)
Net Weight   : 9.5 kg (21 lb)
Included Accessories   : Swivel (pan) / tilt wall bracket
Optional Accessories   : MTC-PC2 terminal panel cover
MTC-CBT-SMB1 Stand-Mount Bracket for use with 35 mm heavy duty speaker stand
MTC-CBT-FM2 flush-mount low-profile wall-mount bracket

Mixer 8 Channel Soundcraft EPM8

Features :

  • Frame sizes 8+2
  • 2 configurable auxiliary buses
  • XLR-type and ¼” metal jack connector sockets
  • RCA phono stereo playback inputs and record outputs
  • 3-band EQ with a swept mid on mono inputs
  • 2-band EQ on stereo inputs
  • TRS insert sockets and inserts on all mono inputs and mix output
  • Ten-segment LED output metering
  • Intuitive and comprehensive solo system
  • Headphone output
  • Easily rack mountable

Power Amplifier Crown LPS2500

Features :

Stereo/parallel/bridge-mono mode
• Efficient forced-air cooling prevents excessive thermal buildup
• Electronically balanced XLR inputs; binding post and Speakon® outputs
• Two level controls, power switch, power LED, and six LEDs which indicate signal presence, clip and fault for each channel
• Protection against shorts, no-load, on/off thumps and radio-frequency interference

  • 4-ohm Stereo (per channel) 725W
  • 8-ohm Bridge-Mono 1,450W
  • 8-ohm Stereo (per channel) 550W

*1 kHz Power: refers to guaranteed minimum power
in watts at 1 kHz with 0.5% THD.

Mic Wireless AKG WMS 45 Vocalset

  • 30 Mhz selection bandwidth (depending on local frequency plans)
  • 8 hours of operation with a single aa size battery
  • Gain control on handheld transmitter
  • Low battery indicator
  • Noiseless on/off/mute switch on handheld transmitter

The Perception Wireless Vocal Set delivers brilliant sound and is surprisingly easy to use.

The SR 45 receiver provides professional XLR and ¼” jack outputs. The audio level and squelch threshold are adjustable on the receiver.

The handheld transmitter features a spring-steel wire mesh front grill to protect the dynamic transducer from the hardships of onstage use. Its cardioid polar pattern ensures maximum gain before feedback and makes your voice cut through any mix.

The system includes an SR 45 receiver, HT 45 handheld transmitter, universal power supply with US/UK/EU adapter, SA 45 stand adapter, and one AA size dry battery.

Mic Wireless AKG WMS 45 Headset

  • 30 MHz selection bandwidth (depending on local frequency plans)
  • 8 hours of operation with a single AA size battery
  • Rugged, “one-size-fits-all” C 544 L headworn microphone
  • Compatible with all AKG MicroMics
  • Low battery indicator
  • Smallest and lightest bodypack transmitter in its class

The Perception Wireless Sports system with its comfortable C 544 L and ultralightweight PT 45 bodypack transmitter ensures maximum user mobility for all handsfree applications. The new C 544 L headworn microphone comes with four moisture shields protecting the transducer from perspiration while you practice your favorite sport. The C 544 L uses the proven transducer of the C 555 L and is quick and easy to put on and replace.

The system comprises an SR 45 receiver, PT 45 bodypack transmitter, universal power supply with US/UK/EU adapter, C 544 L headworn microphone, and one AA size dry battery.

Power Conditioner Furman PL-Plus

Specification :

Maximum Output Current: 15 amps
Line Cord: Captive 3/14 AWG, 10 ft. black cord with NEMA 15 plug
Pull-out Lights: Two multi-LED, dimmable lamps
BNC Socket w/Switch: Rear rack lamp, 12VAC 500MA maxx (lamp not included)
Operating Voltage: 90 to 139 VAC
Spike Protection Mode: Line to neutral, zero ground leakage
Spike Clamping Voltage: 188 VAC peak @ 3,000 Amps
Response Time: 1 nanosecond
Maximum Surge Current: 6,500 Amps
Noise Attenuation: 10 dB @ 10 kHz, 40 dB @ 100 kHz, 50 dB @ 500 kHz
Dimensions: 19” W x 10.5” D x 1.75” H
Weight: 12 lbs.
Power Consumption: 12 watts
Safety Listing: cTUVus

Equalizer 31 Band DBX 231s

Features :

  • Two 31-band, 1/3-octave Constant Q frequency bands
  • Switchable boost/cut ranges of ±6 or ±12 dB
  • 12dB per octave 50Hz low-cut filter
  • Front panel bypass switch
  • ±12 dB input gain range
  • 4-segment LED ladders for monitoring output levels
  • XLR and TRS Inpts and Outputs
  • Internal Toroidal Transformer
  • Frequency Repsonse of <10Hz to >50kHz
  • Dynamic range of greater than 108dB

Reverb Processor Lexicon MX200

Features :

  • 16 legendary Lexicon reverbs
  • Lexicon delays & mod effects
  • dbx compressor & de-esser
  • VST plug-in & editor software
  • “Hardware plug-in” mode
  • Dual-processor design
  • 4 routing configurations
  • 99 factory / 99 user programs
  • S/PDIF digital inputs / outputs
  • 24 bit, 44.1kHz / 48kHz

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