Paket Sound System Meeting Room Kecil

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 Paket Sound System Meeting Room Kecil JBL Profesional

( Small setup )

Sistem terdiri dari :

  • 1 Set : System Speaker 2 Way JBL Profesional
  • 1 Unit : Mikrofon Dynamic Shure
  • 2 Unit : Stand Speaker ( Include )
  • 1 Lot : Kabel Mic & Kabel Speaker

Solusi sistem tata suara skala medium berkualitas premium untuk berbagai aplikasi seperti :

– Meeting Room ukuran 10 x 10
– Ruang Presentasi Audio Visual

Desain solusi sound system ideal berstandar kualitas tinggi dan tepat guna dari kami untuk anda.

Shure SM58 Vocal Microphone

Tuned to accentuate the warmth and clarity of lead and back-up vocals, the SM58 is a legendary live vocal microphone known for its rugged reliability on tour.

Handheld microphone ideal for live vocals
Dynamic cartridge with cardioid polar pattern
Available with or without a cable and On / Off switch, and available in wireless versions
Includes SM58, microphone clip, storage bag, and user guide

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