Speaker Management BSS FDS366T

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New V2.06 Firmware brings exciting new performance standards!

The one loudspeaker management system that really satisfies all your system requirements just got even better!. New V2.06 firmware introduces the first pro audio implementation of WHISEWORKS – NTM™* filter technology, which means that you can take your loudspeakers closer to their operating bandwidths without fear of over-excursion.

One FDS-366 can drive a true stereo 3-way system, or 3 bi-amp outputs for monitors. Add more units and MIDI slave linking to make stereo 4, 5 and even 6-way systems. 

Typical applications:

  • Stereo 3-way.
  • Stereo 2-way plus sub from input C.
  • Triple Bi-amp for stage monitors, with delay and EQ.
  • Dual tri-amp for stage monitors.
  • 96kHz Studio monitoring systems.
  • LCR Monitoring systems (post-production).
  • 6-way systems.
  • 4-way plus 2 full range outputs with separate delay and EQ.
  • 6-way Zoning ( full range outputs, giving delays, EQ and limiters on all zones )


Main Features

  • 3 inputs and 6 Outputs for maximum flexibility in one rack space.
  • New NTM™filters give even better system performance
  • Hi-Spec 24-bit converters give a dynamic range in excess of 112dB.
  • 96kHz Sample rate.
  • Stereo Digital Input (44.1/48/88.2/96kHz AES) as well as three analogue inputs.
  • New DSP algorithms for absolute phase matching.
  • Alignment Assistant takes care of your driver delay settings, automatically.
  • Dynamic Equalisation on every input and output.
  • Freely assignable EQ filters – put eq where you need it.
  • Contact closure program recall.
  • Output transformer options.
  • RS-232, RS-485 and MIDI control options.

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