Shure Wireless System GLXD6

Shure Wireless System GLXD6
August 18, 2014 No comment

Shure Professional is now begin to ship their new Shure Wireless System GLXD6 with integrated chromatic tuner, designed to easily match with any tipe of pedal board and offer “tank grade” durability.

The Shure GLXD6 combines the industry leading technology of LINKFREQ Automatic Frequency Management with smart lithium-ion rechargeable battery, and solid construction.

Shure GLX-D digital wireless systems made its first debut at NAMM 2013 with traditional bodypack and handheld transmitter configurations, including vocal set, headset, and presenter clip on set systems. The new pedal board guitar receiver that has a built in chromatic tuner with option of both strobe and needle visual tuning indicator are specially developed to suit every guitar player preferences.

The duet of pedal tuner and signal receiver operate in the digital 2.4 GHz free license frequency band. Additionally, the foot switch enables user to sweep between wireless operation display and tuner mode with additional mute option while perform tuning.

“The most important point of an audio signal wireless system is its sonic quality. Shure GLX-D digital wireless technology providing you a transparent sound reproduction, capturing every detail of guitar  sound from the attack ,bite and the sustain,” states Erik Vaveris, director for wireless products category at Shure. “With a riggid metal chassis construction, the Shure GLXD6 guitar stompbox  receiver was designed purposely to survive the abuse of the stage. And the crucial cost savings of the wireless transmitter smart rechargeable battery cells make it perfect for a guitar rig system.”

Shure GLX-D digital wireless systems also loaded with Shure innovative LINKFREQ Automatic Frequency Management, a technology that smoothly analyzes the RF spectrum in performance area to determine the most clear available frequencies to used, and automatically transfer both transmitter and receiver unit to new available channels when problems occured.

Additionally, each of Shure GLX-D transmitter is powered by an smart lithium-ion cell battery for up to 16 hours of continuous operation at full charge condition and can be easily recharged in 15 minutes for every 1.5 hours of use.

Shure Wireless System GLXD6 are available shortly through your local authorized Shure dealers. System will be priced at $449 estimated.

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