Speaker Portable Wireless Mipro MA-707

Speaker Portable Wireless Mipro MA-707

Speaker portable wireless Mipro MA-707 is designed to provide the highest portability yet simple and powerful while on the go.Ideal for application like school,ceremony,both music and speech and other similar applications.Mipro has knowned as an excelent audio equipment factory based on Taiwan.With experience over a decade since founded back in 1995,Mipro continues to gain public trust with their high quality pro sound products.The core product of the company is their wireless microphone system,which have over 50 years experience in the wireless mic technology based on their company profile.

Today Mipro have introduced their flagship speaker portable wireless MA-707,designed with exceptional quality compared to the similar products on the market.take a look at quick peek below.

This speaker portable wireless system has constructed to suit every small to medium sound reinforcment demands,a complete package from speaker,wireless microphone ,battery operation and cd / mp3 player ,all built on a simple yet ideal package.

  • UHF microhone wireless system providing 16 user selectable wireless frequencies. The receiver unit will automaticly search for an open channel and automatically sync up with the handheld transmitter.
  • The Mipro MA-707 redefined industry standard in flexibility and performance for both PA and music applications. Transport has never been this easy using the innovative retractable handle and built in dolly wheels.
  • Exceptional sound quality for two most common application like voice speech or music playback. The built in 70 watt audio power amplifier ( RMS at 4 ohms load ) together with compact functional wired and wireless microphones, a metronome and music source from  cassette or CD media.
  • Innovative rechargable battery is new in the industry ,this power source system can be lasting for up to 5 hours of continuous usage and 8 hour charging time. There’s even a built in circuitry for recharging your 9 volt batteries at the same time.
  • Built in cassette player is versatlie and perfect for traditional music broadcast anywhere and includes pitch control and auto-reverse function.
  • High quality OEM anti-shock MP3 and CD player. Your music playback will run smooth with skip-free programmable song track selection and search, random mode and loop playback.
  • Available in standalone and dual channel systems, equiped with an MP3 and CD player, with mic input 1/4″ and XLR connection, a 1/4″ line source input and an through output to work with another speaker plus line output.
  • Expand your new MiPro MA-707 transmitter with a Dr. Beat metronome transmitter module.Simply add your additional wireless transmitter cable and you’re ready to go.

Now you can do a presentation or corporate campaign everywhere,Mipro MA-707 is an excelent choicefor your PA system on the go.Compact ,full of featured and powerful sound system solution to meet every demand of your audio presentation needs.Available in MSRP street price at Rp 16.950.000 / set ,for more information and inquiry please contact us here

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