Audio Mixer RCF L-PAD Series

Audio Mixer RCF L-PAD Series

After a long history in traditional loudspeaker roots, RCF Italy break the boundary with their new analog audio mixing console Audio Mixer RCF L-PAD Series range with high performance this month at Frankfurt’s annual Prolight+Sound exhibition.

RCF has been experienced in producing components like compression drivers and woofer components since 1949 and their own sound reinforcement  systems for over 30 years, but now they’re decided to make a step into the mixer market exclusively with the new dedicated division. The establishment of the ‘RCF Mixer Division’ represents an important strategic step in long term investment. According to valid information from RCF chairman, Arturo Vicari, those audio mixer will introduced in Frankfurt and will be the first step in a much wider development plan, and we are prepare several innovative digital models for next year, he says.

“To enter a crowd pro audio market requires innovation and a different approach,” he said. “RCF will take all its  audio experience to create this mixer in unique ways,born with its own philosophy and capability of optimized performance in the entire audio signal chain.”

Another R&D team is placed in the Rome with a dedicated expert engineers to work out the digital audio networks, DSP,digital signal processing and other factors that related to digital mixer projects. The team will led by Eng. Umberto Zanghieri which is a founding father of this design house and now become part of the RCF Group as well. Zanghieri is a musician himself,he has deep experience in manu audio projects and has also held several positions in the AES ( Audio Engineering Society ) organisation.

He says, “We are honored for being a part of RCF in order to run this new mixing console division. We have already been working some join projects for several years and it turns out to be this wonderful partnership in the R&D activities.”

The first nine models of compact mixers series will be equiped with some core features like elegant housing and stylish chassis, capable in providing flexibility for most common live audio applications from small venue, jazz quartets or solo performance,also in corporate and conference room demands.

The models in the RCF L-PAD series served with built in effects engine and without effects, and represented as listed below :

RCF L-PAD6 (6ch without FX engine) / RCF L-PAD6X (6ch with built in effects)

RCF L-PAD8C (8ch without FX engine) / RCF L-PAD8CX (8ch with built in effects)

RCF L-PAD10C (10ch without FX engine)

RCF L-PAD12C (12ch without FX engine) / RCF L-PAD12CX (12ch with built in effects)

RCF L-PAD16CX usb (16ch with built in effects)

RCF L-PAD24CX usb (24ch with built in effects).

Each of those consoles is distinguished by an uncompromed sound quality, and with the compressors function in seven of the models and integrated internal multi-effects processor in five of the mixer models all in a compact design, ergonomic user layout finished with Italian style chassis.

Deep attention and research have been devoted to achieve a warm sounding and transparent microphone preamps. The signal compressors loaded on the each microphone channels of the RCF L-PAD audio mixers are highly intuitive, presented with a single rotary knob control to adjust the threshold and compression ratio at the same time. These channel compressors is the result of a careful research of the parameters.

The three-band Equliazer on everymono channels and the two bands EQ on the stereo channels are perform extremely effective, thanks to the research team that correctly chose the frequencies and allow the user to process the audio input signal professionally.

Audio Mixer RCF L-PAD Series L-PAD 8C, 8CX and 10C will be using modular 45mm faders while the 12C and 12CX models eqiped with  60mm faders and a sophisticated internal DSP effects with 16 presets available in the L-PAD6X while L-PAD8CX and 12CX shared 99 different factory presets.

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