Lab Gruppen New D-Series Audio Power Amplifier

Lab Gruppen New D-Series Audio Power Amplifier


Professional audio power amplifier manufacturer Lab.gruppen is honored to announce the D Series, an new innovative permanent installation 4-channel DSP amplifier platform.

The D Series presenting the new experience and technologies developed from the flagship amplifier PLM 20000Q from the company, which has become a standar for every consultants and sound contractors around the world. The new D Series will available in 3 nominal power configurations,start from 8000, 12000 and 20000 Watts model.Represents the most advanced fix installation platform ever built by Lab.gruppen.

Total integration capability is the main intention behind the D Series audio amplifier, Providing a platform with originally open cross interoperability. The amplifier could be integrated seamlessly with a wide range of others digital audio products and control protocols on the market today, delivering unique features and performance capabilities to any of high performance fixed installation project area.

Lab Gruppen D Series platform is available in two option, Lake or Tesira ( from Biamp Systems) both built with unique capabilities and features. The Lake model variant offers Lake Processing DSP function with analog, AES and a dual Dante network capabilities. It is also supported by the development of new custom software from the company to provide scalable integration with most of audio systems today.

The Tesira variant is born from a new collaboration between two giant sound company Lab.gruppen and Biamp Systems, which has resulted in dedicated amplifier models that specifically equipped with Tesira DSP and AVB audio and control features. The models offer unmatched  amplifier design and DSP platform integration capabilities, designed to ensure smooth  interoperability between both respective systems.

One thing that also unique in the D Series is the debut of Lab.gruppen’s invented Rational Power Management™ (RPM) technology. Unlike other audio amplifiers where ‘flexibility’ often require compromises like reducing output channel count or reducing the total power, RPM allows real time power allocation,flexibly across the channels to ensure the most efficient and optimal use of total power that amplifier serve.

At the core of RPM lies a sleeing giant for each model which if you crank it up,it proveides you up to 5000 W output power on any single channel, even on the lower power models, the remaining power available to be reallocated as you want to the other channels. This means you can achieve more optimized system design, with each channel being sets to the precise requirement of the power load, scales the system to achieve most efficient performance of the total amplifier potential.

D Series reinforces Lab.gruppen’s reputation as a leader in earth friendly amplifier technology which evolved from the proven tested amplifier architecture and patented power supply technology like the one you found in the PLM 20000Q model. The power supply provides the best in class Power Factor Correction and low peak mains current draw to maximum power output ratio.

A new software suite developed by the company called CAFE (Configuring Amplifiers For the Environment). In addition to providing full system total monitoring capabilities together with RPM configuration setup, CAFE also built with an innovative design in the form of ESP (short from Equipment Specification Predictor) that provides an optimized default preset for specific D Series power amp into the project. The display of recommendation includes amp model,number of amps in used, termal indication, channel distribution and real time current draw. All comes together to enable more accurate system management.

Audio power amplifier Lab Gruppen D Series will be available to shipped world wide in mid-summer this year.

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