Outdoor Speaker Danley Sound Labs OS Series

Outdoor Speaker Danley Sound Labs OS Series
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Professional sound system manufacturer Danley Sound Labs is expanding their “Outdoor Speaker Danley Sound Labs OS Series” of fully weather resist loudspeakers system, including a new subwoofer cabinet enclosure.

Although almost all Danley products are optionally custom ordered with level 2 ingress protection, which including features like fiberglass seams, stainless steel hardware material, and protective coatings treatments over all wooden components, because those wooden components will remains  shorter life cycle in the same elements compared to what they would have in an indoor permanent installation.

Commonly Danley OS products are constructed from molded plastic material with a custom injection molded shell structure rated to used for at least 50 years next. The cabinet enclosure is sealed so the inner transducer are also protected from harm of the outdoor aspect. The supplier of materials are located from within a half hour of Danley’s headquarters in Gainesville, which is very helpful with large production orders and keep the lead times short as possible.

“Like all of our Synergy Horn loudspeakers system, the Danley OS-80 sounds amazingly fantastic,” states Mike Hedden, president director of Danley Sound Labs. “Fidelity is always our main consideration and distortion is awesomely low at all SPL levels, and the Danley OS-80 has the same high articulated dispersion pattern and flyability array for which Danley is famous for. What sets the Danley OS-80 apart from other system is that its design construction and materials make it reliable against the weather, for years even decades to come. Our local molding machinery partner make it extremly easy for us to accomplish the production of large Outdoor Series orders in relative short time. Moreover, the molding machine itself is very efficient, which allows us to set the price of our  OS products at highly competitive prices.”

Soon, the Outdoor Speaker Danley Sound Labs OS Series OS-80’s versatile coverage of 80-degree conical dispersion pattern will be applied  by other OS speaker models available with several option of coverage patterns that will give every sound contractor ad engineers a greater flexibility accomplish their job in outdoor situations. These will include two additional models which is the OS-90 and OS-100. To complete these system ,additional Danley OS-115LF subwoofer bass cabinet will extend the low frequency reproduction of the rest OS loudspeaker line and the OS Nano for complete high performance sound system .

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