Speaker Aktif Martin Audio DD12

Speaker Aktif Martin Audio DD12

Professional sound system manufacturer Martin Audio has introduced their new DD12 multifunction  loudspeaker sytem ,utilizing onboard networking, DSP ( Digital Signal Processing ) and class D audio amplification with custom transducers and proprietary Differential Dispersion horn technology to provides proper solution for wide range of applications.

Martin Audio unique Differential Dispersion technology is sprcifically designed to provide more consistent audio coverage compared to traditional horn systems, capable to delivering more throw energy to the rear section to make audio distribution evenly from front to back area, with close up horizontal coverage for the front rows.

The Martin DD12 will perfectly suit any of stand-alone and distributed sound reinforcement system requirements, including application like touring, theater, house of worship and portable live sound  in small to medium scale coverage areas. It can also be deployed as an center fill loudspeaker in tour scale systems.

When configured as part of a larger audio system like Martin MLA/MLA Compact line array system, each individual DD12 speakers can be controlled and monitored direct from a laptop or wireless tablet PC via VU-NET proprietary networking software. Connection can be made directly from USB port or via Martin Audio’s U-NET network and Merlin digital loudspeaker and network management system.

In addition, the DD12 is also equipped with internal memory, which allows user to recalled factory plug-and-play’or user-generated DSP preset snapshots by using a preset selector button located on the back panel of the speakers, instead control using computer.

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Optional accessories including wide variety of mounting options, like surface, ceiling and pole mount hardware. The DD12’s universal mounting bracket facilitates common needs in every installation like pan and tilt in both portrait and landscape orientation, and also can be mounted directly using standard speaker stand or attached to a scaffold clamp.

Jason Baird as R&D director for Martin Audio, says , “This market segmen hasn’t served with technology and innovation for far too long. DD12 will break the barrier with a true shift in audio fidelity, output capability and coverage with our Differential Dispersion horn technology to deliver exceptional sound quality in wider area”.

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